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March 11, 2013
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You missed him. Oh, how you missed him dearly. You missed his sandy blonde hair, the way that one strand would stand up on its own, the way it would defy gravity and all naturally known physics. You missed his sky colored blue eyes, the way they would stare lovingly at you as he held you and nuzzled up to you. You missed his silver brimmed glasses, the way they would sparkle in the fresh sunlight of an autumn’s morning. You missed his smile, the way it would light up as he looked at me with such excitement and giddiness. You missed his body, the way his muscular arms would hold you as his pink lips would kiss yours, the way his chest would bump against yours as he hugged you, the way he would tense up when you would teasingly drag your fingernails down his tan skin.

It tore you apart having him to be away from you. You absolutely missed everything about him. You missed his voice most of all, and the way he would speak. It was just so… Alfred. That slang, that slight accent he would get when he would get terrified when you would watch horror movies together. You missed his whispers, you missed his seductive husks of pleasure when you both would show each other how you felt, and you missed hearing him delightfully call your name.

Why did he have to go?


It was the two year anniversary of when he left to go defend his country. You wished you had told him to stay, but you knew he wanted to go and fight. He always reassured you, grinning at you like the love struck idiot he was. You smiled like an idiot to yourself, gaining slight happiness to think about his smile.

“Don’t worry,               ! I’m your hero! I’ll be back soon!”

You always thought about those words he said to you. It motivated you to just wait one more day. You knew he would be back soon, you just didn't know how soon.

You begged that a letter wouldn't come. You were always terrified to look into the mail and see a letter from the U.S. Air Force, alerting you of his death, what had happened, and what day his cold body would return to the ‘States. You were scared you would lose your Alfred. You didn't want him to die or get captured. You just couldn't lose him. You loved him too much to ever forget what he was to you.

You remained in the grocery store, walking through the aisles with folded arms against the metal handles of the cart. Your   (fav color)   conversed feet tapped against the white tiled floor, black jeans covering up your slim legs. A   (fav color)   and black hoodie with cat ears on the hood covered your   (second fav color)   v-neck shirt, your   (hair color)   hair resting on your shoulders. You looked up at the new aisle number as you guided myself around the large market. Your   (eye color)   eyes looked up at the transparent freezer doors, looking at the package of frozen hamburgers. You smiled as memories of your beloved ran through you. You closed your eyes, your hand resting under your chin as you remembered the happy memories.

           !            ! We should get, like, five packages of those frozen hamburgers we love so much!” he playful voice rang, his hands letting go of the metallic cart and taking yours. His baby blue eyes shown with eagerness and excitement.

You giggled, smiling widely at your boyfriend. “Alfred, we don’t need that much,” you replied, taking his hands back. “We already have three packages at home in the freezer, remember?” you asked.

Alfred pouted, giving you the puppy eyes. “But, babe! We’re going to run out!”

You blushed slightly at the adorable face he gave you. “Alfie, don’t worry. If we run out, I’ll make sure to get more, okay? You don’t have to worry about our freezer running out of hamburgers for us to fry up and eat. Besides, we only came here for amenities and some ice cream.” Alfred’s eyes shone at the mention of his favorite dessert, his hands tightly gripping yours as he pulled you closer.

“What kind of ice cream?” he asked softly.

You smirked. “Any kind you want, sweetie.”

You chuckled, the thought of the memory making you grin like an idiot. A sudden tap on the shoulder made you jump, forcing you to snap your head around. Positively green eyes met your gaze, wide, just as yours were. Blonde bushy eyebrows loomed over them, and on the top of the owners head was a bunch of messy blonde hair. Your eyes then traveled down back, your gaze zooming out to see the owner’s full body. You then relaxed, realizing who it was. You let out a sigh of relief, then looked at him, smiling.

“You almost gave me a heart attack, Arthur,” you breathed out.

The Brit gave you a chuckle, holding a plastic basket filled with boxes of tea and some finger snacks. “Sorry, love. Didn't mean to frighten you. I was just walking down to go to the cash register and purchase some things I got. I then saw you… staring at a package of frozen hamburgers with a cheesy smile on your face,” he explained, rubbing the back of his head nervously. “Sorry.”

You smiled and chuckled. “I don’t mind,” you shrugged as you looked at the elder. Arthur was Alfred’s older stepbrother, the one who had introduced you in junior high when their parents got married to each other. Arthur was a year older than you, which meant he was in a grade higher than you, but that didn't mean that you two weren't best friends. Alfred was the same age as you, which meant he happened to be in the same grade. You both also had the same classes, which had been some weird chance of fate.

Arthur relaxed, smiling in return. “How have you been?” he asked softly.

You shrugged. “Same as usual. You know, going to work, running errands, as well as video chatting to Alfred whenever I get the chance,” you murmured, crossing your arms at the mention of Alfred. It had actually been about a week since you had talked to Alfred, but you tried to act like it didn't bother you.

The Englishman nodded understandingly. “Everything alright?”

“I suppose so. It’s still weird not waking up next to him with that excited grin on his face.”

Arthur’s gaze softened, his hand placing itself on your shoulder. “I bet he’ll be home soon, you just have to be patient,” he reassured you. You looked at your former best friend and smiled, nodding. He smiled. “There’s that smile,” he chuckled, “I bet Alfred will be excited to see that face soon.”

You giggled and hugged the man, his arms wrapping around you soon in return. “It was great seeing you, Artie,” you whispered.

He nodded, rubbing your back. “I’ll see you later, yeah?” you nodded, letting go of him. He then ruffled your hair and walked off, waving. You huffed and flattened your hair, watching him walk off. You then smiled and then took ahold of the cart, wheeling off to get what else you needed on your shopping list.


Around an hour or so after you had run into Arthur, you had finished your grocery shopping and paid for the food to keep yourself alive for at least another week. You walked out to the car, your grocery cart filled with plastic bags full of frozen foods and refrigerated soda. Ever since you and Alfred had begun to live together, you had gotten used to eating so many frozen foods. You didn't mind eating the frozen food, it was just sometimes hard to stomach.

You headed over to the black Mercedes you drove, taking your keys out of your pocket. You clicked a button and the trunk popped open, revealing a spacious trunk for almost anything….and possibly a certain Frenchman’s body. You grinned to yourself at the thought, then began to put the grocery bags in the space. Once everything was in the trunk, you slammed the covering down and pushed the cart into a designated space. You then walked back over to your car and climbed in, starting the engine as you put your seat belt on.

You pulled out of the space and began to drive home, glancing around occasionally around the town you lived in. You and Alfred had lived here your whole lives, so you both thought it was a good idea to move into a nearby neighborhood. A smile came to your face as you remembered when you both moved into the two bedroom rented house, your hands relaxing as you leaned back and waited for the red light to turn green.

You groaned, pulling up another cardboard box in your arms out of the truck Alfred had rented to move all your stuff from your parent’s homes. You huffed and began to walk out of the trunk, only for a pair of hard, rough hands to take the box from your arms. You blinked, looking up at the man who had taken the box. You suddenly blushed, keeping yourself from swooning at how… sexy your boyfriend looked.

No shirt. No glasses. Sweat running down his toned muscle. He looked so incredibly sexy and irresistible. It made your core feel hot as slightly perverted thoughts had entered your mind. You could explain his appearance though. It happened to be the middle of July, where the summer was at its hottest.

“Don’t handle such heavy boxes, babe. I don’t want you to get sore or anything,” he said compassionately. You only nodded like a machine, still gazing at him and his luscious body. Alfred chuckled. “Are you even listening?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. No heavy boxes,” you murmured, leaning forward and running a hand over his chest. You could feel him tense up as you touched him, but he just watched you with stunning blue eyes. “God, you look so sexy, Alfred,” you purred, taking the box and setting it down.

Alfred breathed out and then chuckled. It must have taken all his willpower to take your hand off of his body and pick up the box. “Later, babe, okay? We can make out a little when we’re done,” he grinned and winked, then walked out of the truck, carrying the box inside the new house.

You blinked, then you grinned in anticipation, taking some smaller boxes inside quickly. What could you say? You were desperate to get inside and… explore a little.

The blaring of a loud car horn made you jump, making you look up at the light that was now green. You cursed lightly to yourself and then pressed on the acceleration, sending yourself down the road back to home.

You arrived home around a few minutes later, parking into the garage and then turning off the car. You sat for a moment, then unbuckled your seat belt and climbed out, heading to the trunk. You opened it and took the bags, then closed the trunk with your elbow. You took the numerous amount of bags and then walked inside through the door that connected to the laundry room.

You walked through the laundry room and then walked into the kitchen, placing the bags on the counters. You then took the food and drinks out of the plastic bags and began to put them in their appropriate places. Once you finished, you took the plastic bags and put them into each other, then walked over to the pantry and placed them under a shelf, where they would be used for later purposes.

You stepped out and closed the door, only for your head to turn to the sink, where you raised an eyebrow, something catching your eye. You walked over to get a closer inspection, only to see a blue bowl with a silver spoon. Inside the bowl was the remains of mint ice cream. You furrowed your eyebrows and put your hand on the side of the plastic.

It was still cold.

You then withdrew your hand. A bunch of thoughts ran through your mind. “Was someone in the house? What was going to happen if I walked into the living room? Why the hell was a bowl of melted remains of mint ice cream in my sink?! I certainly don’t remember having a bowl of ice cream for breakfast when I got up this morning!”

You swallowed thickly, carefully stepping across the tiled flooring. You then headed to the living room, only to see a brown jacket on the couch. You blinked, walking over and examining the item. The brown jacket looked so familiar. A white plane was on the side of one sleeve, with the number fifty on the back. You knew the leather jacket looked familiar.

Before you knew it, a sudden scent drifted towards you, making you perk up. You knew that smell. You knew it so well. That smell of Axe that he used every morning he knew you liked. The smell of fast food, knowing how much he liked to go out and eat with you as you laughed your heads off. It smelled so much like him, it brought tears to your eyes. Was someone playing a trick on you? Or...

Was he really here?

That thought raced in your mind as you slowly turned, looking towards the hallway.

A gasp tore through your throat, your heart speeding up and making it slam against your rib cage  A shaky hand covered your mouth, silencing any other sound you decided to make. You felt shaky as you stared, your eyes filled with fresh tears that eventually spilled over. 

There he was. That signature smile grazed his lips, looking as happy as ever. His baby blue eyes shined with utter joy, sitting behind those silver lined glasses. His blonde hair was resting as it normally did, and that familiar cowlick you liked to call “Nantucket” was still standing. His form was still as strong as ever, just as I remembered it. He stood there in full Air Force uniform, his arms resting as you both stared at each other with utter happiness, so much that you could just stare at each other.

Alfred was standing in front of you.

 “Surprise,” he whispered, holding out his arms to you.

You couldn't take it. A sob escaped from your lips, your legs automatically reacting and running over to him, nearly tackling him as you hugged him tightly. His arms wrapped around you just as tightly, a hand holding your waist while the other stroked your   (hair color)   hair soothingly. His lips grazed your ear as he began to whisper sweet nothings, his own tears leaking down onto your neck and shoulder. You buried your face into his shoulder, crying and sobbing into the cloth that covered his body. Your hands gripped his back, shuddering as your body pressed against his.

You both stood like that for nearly five minutes, until you sniffed and nuzzled you face into his neck, inhaling his scent. The familiar smell made you relax, your sobs ceasing to exist. Your hands then began to run over his body, making sure he was actually here and you didn't pass out. “You’re actually here,” you whispered, withdrawing your face and looking up at him.

Alfred smiled reassuringly and stroked your cheek. “I’m actually here.”

You immediately smiled and giggled, your   (eye color)   eyes shining. Your arms wrapped around his neck and kissed him firmly, having been waiting for this moment forever. Alfred grinned, kissing you back with an eagerness only he would possess. Your hands wandered up into his soft, sandy-blonde hair, running your fingers through the strands. His hands ran over your back and waist, his tongue begging for entrance as it ran across your bottom lip. You smirked and immediately granted permission, his tongue slithering into yours. Your tongues tangled and danced, missing the taste of each other as you kissed.

You then pulled away, stroking his cheeks and playing with his hair. A thought ran unto my head and you hit him in the chest. “Why didn't you tell me you were coming home, you idiot?!” you nearly yelled, beating on his chest with your curled fists.

Alfred grunted and took your wrists, then he chuckled and rubbed your fingers soothingly. “I wanted it to be a surprise. I didn't want to spoil the look on your face. And it was worth it,” he grinned, kissing your hands and nuzzling them.

You blushed lightly, but began to pout. “Meanie…” you murmured, but took his hands and held them. “There’s no way in hell you’re leaving me now. You are going to remain in this damn house until I have forgiven you for making me nervous by not talking to me for a week,” you huffed, then kicked his shin lightly, not enough to actually have him on the floor writhing in pain.

Alfred grinned like an idiot. “I don’t mind,” he purred happily, pulling you back to his chest and nuzzling you. He then pulled away, putting both of your foreheads together. “Besides,” he whispered, stroking your cheek with a light finger. “I want to show you how much I missed you.” A fiery blush rose up to your cheeks and you nodded shyly, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I love the way you blush,” he murmured, picking you up and carrying you bridal style.

You blushed more and nuzzled him. “I love you, you idiot,” you murmured back.

Alfred grinned like an idiot, heading into our bedroom. “I love you too,               .”

Welcome home, Alfie. 

Just a story I did when I got bored. I've had the concept in my mind for awhile, though.
I blame DA for getting me hooked onto Reader fanfictions.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

(I seriously tried to add a freakin' preview image, but the damn thing would not accept the deviation under a certain category. Hopefully I'll figure out how to do this properly. -.-)
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It so sweet!☺️
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Thank you for this amazing story ☺️ my boyfriend joined the army and is going to leave for boot camp on October 28 😖 but reading this made me feel better 😄so thanks again for this story ☺️
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